February 11, 2013

just shuck it

i've been completely consumed with everything and anything other than this blog for the past few weeks unfortunately, but at least it hasn't all been work! the boyfriend's parents were in town recently and it just happened to be his dad's birthday, which gave us an excuse to indulge every night at a new restaurant. toward the end of their stay, we planned a surprise trip to hog island oyster in point reyes for one more chance to celebrate.  it was absolutely gorgeous that day, and we enjoyed shucking our own oysters (my first time! surprisingly, it's not as hard as it looks-but i was definitely skeptical going into it), sipping white wine, and savoring possibly the most delicious cupcakes i've ever made.  if you need to make a sweet treat for something coming up...maybe valentine's day, hmm?...i strongly suggest giving this recipe a try!

we're kind of cool...stamps we needed to shuck our own oysters.
the spread.
the finished cupcakes...seriously, make these now. you will not regret it!
speaking of valentine's day, i need to go pick up my gift for the boyfriend. he's surprising me on thursday and friday and i couldn't be more excited!!! yes, that's right, he's amazing. what will you be doing to celebrate? eating chocolate cupcakes, you say?? well i think that's just a grand idea!

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