February 19, 2013

eye candy

i recently decided to treat myself for valentine's day and have my make-up done by a sephora professional before my date with the boyfriend last week.  now, for some background, i don't really "do" my make-up (my boyfriend may disagree, as i do take just a littttttle bit of time to get ready).  my basic routine includes tinted moisturizer, some concealer, blush/bronzer combo, and some mascara. done-i'm out the door! so i didn't really know what to expect when i went to my appointment last week...will she paint my eyelids purple with sparkly eyeshadow? will my face look orange from bronzer? will i get raccoon eyes? AH! 

thankfully, i was so happily relieved with the result and thrilled with what she did.  i've never had my make up done that well.  she really listened to what i wanted and kept everything pretty natural, just enhanced.  in fact, she did such an amazing job, that i ended up buying the eye shadow palette and liner that were used (i've even successfully used them since!).  

here are a few of the main products she used on me.  i can honestly say that i think the Urban Decay Naked Palette would look gorgeous on anyone, no matter what skin tone.  the colors are beautiful and allow you to come up with so many different combinations for day looks and night looks, plus it comes with a mini shadow primer! i also loved the Laura Mercier Cream Eye Liner and bought a pot for myself (seriously, it glides on so smoothly that even i can draw a perfect winged liner).  so go out to your local Sephora and schedule an appointment with one of their artists (maybe even ask to try some of these products in your session!), trust me, you will not be disappointed!!

Sephora Makeover

Urban Decay sparkly eyeshadow / Tarte blush / Laura Mercier eyeliner / Yves Saint Laurent yves saint laurent mascara / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics colorful lipstick

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