January 16, 2013

hot hot heat

while these may not be the most practical purchase for recent san francisco weather, there may be a (first ever) trip to hawaii in my near future, and i'm pretty sure these would be the only shoes i'd need to take with me (helloooo carry-on again! way to go me!).  i love the neutral color and criss-cross ankle strap.  i can see these paired with maxi dresses, a bikini and cover-up, a casual tee and mini, all while strolling along the beach in the warm sun...the list goes on and on. and now i've convinced myself to put them in my shopping bag (again, way to go me!).

until recent years, i wasn't much of an accessory lover--i focused my shopping energy much more on what i would call "main" pieces...dresses, tops, pants, etc. but i was MAJORLY missing out. i don't know what finally clicked for me, but shoes and accessories are now equally as important as the mains. jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves, hats--oh the fabulousness! i mean, more is more, right??? 

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