January 19, 2014

sweet soiree

now that we've moved into a space where we can actually both fit in the kitchen at the same time and we have more than enough seating, i've started to get the itch to entertain more.  we had a small holiday + housewarming party before christmas that was so much fun that i've been looking for an excuse to have our friends over again ever since.  the Super Bowl is coming up, and then the oscars are in march, but i've realized that i don't necessarily need to center the night around an event.  so instead of waiting for the perfect occasion, i'm just making my own and planning my very first dinner party (how grown up, right?!) in our new place.

the food will obviously be the center of attention that night, so i need a showstopper main course that's not only delicious but uncomplicated enough to make for a crowd.  since some of our friends are vegetarians, i think something like this portobello mushroom lasagne would be perfect.  for dessert, something that can be made ahead is key.  this salted butter caramel ice cream recipe from david lebovitz sounds incredibly indulgent and absolutely perfect.  add a little wine and bubbles...done and done!

i don't plan on leaving any details out; i'll be sending out invitations, everyone will get place cards, and i'm even thinking of doing menu cards as well.  to make the whole process even easier, i recently found minted: an online retailer that specializes in customizable cards, party decor, invitations, and stationary.  with just a few clicks, i have my choice of colorful cards, striped straws, or personalized prints.  after looking around the site, my favorite set is the sparkle everywhere collection.  i love the classic black, gold, and white color combination; it's simple but elegant, and exactly what I would want for my first dinner party.  here are a few of my favorite items that i have on my wish list:

how amazing is this menu card?!
gorgeous invitations
adorable straws for sipping cocktails

one of the best things that minted offers (or really the best thing in my opinion) is the endless amount of ways to customize your items.  for example, if i wasn't a huge fan of gold, i have the option of changing the color of the sparkle on the invitations or cards to silver or rose gold; i could even change the shape of the cards if i'd like.  their site is so easy to use and you can truly find something for every occasion; holidays, weddings, baby announcements, parties...they even have wall prints!  they're currently offering 10% off on valentine's day cards through 01/29 with code HEART10 too.  so if you need a little something for your significant other or if you just have an event coming up, i definitely suggest heading over and checking out their offerings for yourself...planning will be such a breeze. 

January 15, 2014

oh hello, 2014.

well that certainly came fast. i cannot believe that it's already a new year...and already two weeks into it!  time flies when you're busy having fun.  the end of 2013 was a whirlwind: the boyfriend and i took the plunge and moved in together (and out of the city), i got a promotion at work (woo!), i hosted thanksgiving for the first time, and our schedules were booked solid with travel and holiday events.  so, i'm actually pretty excited that the holidays are over and it's time to recharge!

while most people have started the year off with big resolutions and good intentions, i've actually chosen not to make any.  i've found that every year i decide to make a resolution, i almost never stick to it (oops).  so instead, my plan is to just be better.  be better to my body, be better to my mind, and be better to my soul.  this way, i can make little decisions everyday that will make a positive impact and help me be better.  if you decided to make a resolution this year, i wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you reach your goals...and if you didn't, no big deal, i think 2014 will be just as great for you too!

September 11, 2013

fashion week from afar

well, hello.  i've been so busy with work and packing (more to come on that) that i almost forgot that new york fashion week is going on! just kidding.  i think i actually may be spending more time post-work scrolling through instagram and style.com to catch up on all of the new shows.  here are a few looks from some of the more recent shows that i absolutely love...i have to say, that while fall isn't even in full force yet, these are making me crave spring! 

what are you loving this year? are there any trends in particular that you're absolutely going ba-na-nas (in typical rachel zoe fashion, of course) over???

September 04, 2013

collection by club monaco

well there goes my budget this month (kidddding...sort of!).  club monaco has introduced their collection line, and it is incredible.  i am completely in love with this jacket, this dress, and this show-stopping skirt.  every piece is so luxe and chic, yet still captures the modern minimalism that club monaco is known for.

can we just take a step back and think about how they're killing it right now? first the shoe collection and now this!  take a look and let me know what you think...will you be investing in the new collection?

August 27, 2013

skirt flirt

i've officially fallen for the fluted skirt trend.  although i'm hesitant to call it a "trend" because in reality, the shape of these skirts will never go out of style.  they compliment every body type and are seasonally neutral; wear with a chunky knit and tights and boots for cold, or throw on a pair of sandals with a lightweight blouse for warmer weather.  for me, any piece that is multi-functional that way is a good investment and screams "buy me now" from the racks.  

i've picked out a few favorites below (i actually just got the ivory jcrew mini) in a variety of neutral colors for your browsing pleasure.  let me know what you think; are you as much of a fan of the fluted skirt as i am?

August 23, 2013

happy friday


finally the weekend is here! has anyone else felt that this week just took forever?  i'm looking forward to a pretty relaxing weekend, which is exactly what i want.  tonight i'm going sailing on the bay and tomorrow night we're heading to our first giants game of the year (a little late in the season, i know).  other than that, we have nothing scheduled.  i plan on enjoying a latte, going to yoga, and maybe taking a walk on the beach or going for a hike in the headlands.  hellooo serenity.

have a wonderful weekend!

August 22, 2013

falling for plaid

one of the fall trends i'm most excited about is plaid.  maybe it's because it's a subconscious reminder of my pre-teen years in the nineties and all of the time i spent watching my so called life, clarissa explains it all, and of course the endless viewings of clueless (i'm pretty sure someone was wearing plaid in every scene of that movie).  or perhaps the more likely reason is that it's because it's such a timeless and classic print.  while it may not pop up in runway collections every season,  it plays a major role in street style from year to year and is seen worn in an endless amount of ways once the temperatures drop and the leaves start to change color.

here are just a few plaid pieces that i'm lusting after currently.  i especially love those joie flats and think they would look perfect with a pair of skinnies and a big cozy sweater (and maybe a pumpkin spice latte in my hand).  can you tell i'm ready for fall?!