May 03, 2013


i'm so happy it's finally friday! we've been having some amazing weather in the bay area, and i'm currently taking advantage of it by sitting outside in the warm sun writing this post.  anyone who lives here will tell you that you must take advantage of high temperatures when they're here, because it's totally rare.  luckily, we've been experiencing this for over a week (i hope i didn't just jinx it...please stay, please stay, please stay!), and after an incredible trip to Maui, i couldn't have been happier to come home to weather similar to what we had there.

i've also been able to extend the life of my vacation wardrobe (yay!) , which has been awesome.  the only bad thing is that with this little tease we're having, now i feel like we're going to have a real, hot, sunny summer, and of course, i want to buy sun dresses and sandals and shorts to go along with that.  sadly, i know that in reality that's definitely not happening in san francisco, but i can dream, right?  

so in my dream summer, i would totally pick up a few pairs of these beautiful go with all of those sun dresses and shorts, of course!

clockwise from top left: L'Agence Dani Plexi HeelCoach Terri HeelPour La Victoire Shanna HeelLoeffler Randall Amelie Wedge

as for the rest of the weekend, the boyfriend and i are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to head down south for a little surfing.  we both took lessons in Maui and i'm a little obsessed now (blue crush, anyone?), so i've convinced him to keep it going and suffer in the cold water up here.  i'll reward him with some delicioso Mexican food for cinco de mayo.  wish us luck!

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