May 09, 2013

nom nom

my three day weekend has officially begun and i am beyond excited...because it's not just any weekend, it's BOTTLEROCK! this will be my first ever multi-day music festival and i'm pretty confident in making this my first.  i mean, i don't think it can get any better than great bands, warm weather, wine, and cheese.  it's like the perfect storm!  it's supposed to be crazy crowded, so luckily i have a good friend who has graciously allowed our group to stay at his house, where we can walk to the venue.  as a little thank you, i decided to bake a few treats to bring up to the house.

since the shows don't start until around noon each day, i aimed more for the breakfast/snack group as we will probably getting ridiculously expensive food at the concert.  the two recipes i decided on were morning glory muffins and "bummer bars" from Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, "It's All Good."  i've made a few different versions of the morning glory muffin, but this one turned out beautifully, and it was super easy to make.  i love these muffins because they're so good for you.  yes, there is brown sugar, but it can easily be subbed with amber agave.  otherwise, you have a delicious combo of fruits, veggies, and whole grains!  

inspired by Liz's post over at Sequins & Stripes, i went to my local bookstore and picked up Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook.  i've already done her goop 7-day detox twice, so after briefly browsing some of the recipes, i knew i'd be able to give some of them a try.  these "bummer bars" were my first attempt and they're pretty delicious.  the only issue is that when i tried cutting them into bars, some of them fell apart.  i decided to wrap them tightly individually and stick them in the fridge overnight to see if they harden up...cross your fingers! on the plus side, while i was cutting them i was able to sample (aka eating every single piece that broke off the bars) them and they were scrumptious.  plus they're vegan and healthy! #winning

these will both be a great way to start the day on a healthy kick over the next few days, which i think will be greatly needed.  hopefully both recipes will be a hit with the group, otherwise i'm stuck eating it all...which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing (yum).  i'll be posting more pictures and updates this weekend from the concert on twitter and instagram, so be sure to check everything out!

eeek i'm getting so excited! have any of you been to a festival before? any words of wisdom??

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