April 15, 2013



today was going to be a post on my packing plans for hawaii, until i heard of the horrific news from boston.  now, this blog is not a podium for me to tell you my thoughts and opinions on politics and current events, it is meant to be a happy escape for readers to come and enjoy some lighthearted reading and hopefully get some inspiration.  however i can't ignore the news, and feel the need to devote today's post to the events at the boston marathon. 

these people are athletes.  they are not activists, they are not protestors, they are not hurting anyone by running 26.2 miles today.  they are athletes.  they've trained for months, years, lifetimes even, to compete in this race.  they travelled from all over the world to participate.  they woke up this morning excited, anticipating crossing the finish line of the marathon, but instead of cheers and smiles of relief, runners and spectators were bombarded with clouds of smoke, loud noises, and looks of terror on each others faces. 

i cannot wrap my head around events like these.  i can only hope that one day events like these will no longer plague our daily news.  my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy in boston today.

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