August 16, 2013

pop art

i just received a zoku quick pop maker as a birthday gift (after walking by the williams-sonoma store with the boyfriend too many times and "hinting" that it would be so fun to make our own popsicles) and have been on the hunt for some delicious pop recipes ever since.  can i just say that there are so many to choose from?  plus, they're all so gorgeous to look at, like mini-frozen works of art.  i'm not sure that i realized how popular making your own popsicles had gotten!  

while summer in san francisco isn't quite warm enough to really necessitate cooling down with a frozen treat, it's still a fun way to celebrate the season.  i'm torn between the fruitier recipes and the creamier ones...they both look so good! i have to admit though, anything that involves chocolate will always be my number one choice.  so even while i'm bundled up in a sweater and jeans in august, i'm planning on indulging in some of these sweet treats and savoring the last days of summer!

Green Smoothie Detox Pop
these are definitely the healthiest pops i found while browsing (guilt free!).  not to mention, they could do double duty as both dessert and breakfast!

Roasted Strawberry and Toasted Coconut Pops
these look divine.  joy can do no wrong; i love all of her recipes.   these seem especially delicious and like a gourmet-version of a popsicle...if those exist (roasted strawberries, toasted coconut? these would definitely be the fanciest pops i've ever had)!

Coffee Dulce De Leche Pops
and now for the crazy indulgent pops.  yum yum yum!  i wonder if these taste like a frozen caramel latte or macchiato?  there's only one way to find out...i guess i'll have to make them this weekend!

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut + Rum Pops
does it get any better than a pina colada and chocolate?  um, no.  taking a bite out of one of these seems like it would immediately transport you to a tropical island...count me in!

so in conclusion, i'm going on a popsicle-only diet for an indefinite amount of time.......kidding!  but these not only look like they would be absolutely delectable, they're also a pretty, fun, and different way of presenting a summer dessert (especially when entertaining!).  labor day is just around the corner, so for your last summer barbecue, think about trying out pops as individual desserts for your guests! they'll be amused at your creativity and delighted when they take the first bite.  i know i'll be putting my zoku to work and whipping up a batch...enjoy!

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