October 28, 2012

orange orange orange


in yesterday's post i mentioned that one of the reasons i love fall so much is that i can get seemingly all of my favorite foods pumpkin-flavored.  well, that stuck in my head today and after a morning run, i made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make a pumpkin loaf.  i used this simple recipe, and subbed in non-fat greek yogurt (somehow i didn't realize that i had no oil in my pantry) for the vegetable oil and canned pumpkin for the shredded pumpkin.  what came out was a monster pumpkin loaf-it rose so much during baking that i had to remove the top rack from the oven! 


i also had some leftover cream cheese, so i made a quick cream cheese frosting for a sweet treat.

and this was all happening during game 4 of the world series...that the GIANTS WON! excuse me while i go celebrate the win + my one year anniversary in san francisco!

the streets are closed!

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