August 31, 2012

first day on the job

so here it is: my first official post. 

after dragging my friends through multiple conversations centered around "should i? shouldn't i?" debates...i've taken the plunge, and i couldn't be more excited! 

so what can you expect to find here? work ensembles and play outfits. fashion finds and foodie finds. reviews of where i've been and where i want to go.  bits and tips i find helpful and inspiring.   

speaking of fashion's the newest addition to my handbag collection that i picked up at a local san francisco boutique, heritage row:

i can't even begin to tell you how obsessed i am with the color oxblood for the fall.  this bag was perfection and i couldn't say no.  the shape is classic, it's large enough to fit the essentials, and it's right on trend with the color and touch of pony hair.  not to mention, it can be used for day or night.  i'd say it was the ideal find!

look for it to make an appearance in upcoming posts!

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